Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Wonder Limited Edition Resin

This little baby took a while but finally I am done!
S/he is being reproduced in resin by the best resin studio out there, Multiplicity Studio.
I told a few people and inadvertly it seeped through the grapevine and now I have only 4 spaces left out of 20. Which is not bad I would say ;)
I am also making 5 Artist Proofs which I am taking to doll shows to be sold directly.

Here is a little info on Little Wonder:
S/he is a life size just born baby... we are taking not a day old yet. She is around 20" tall with a head circumference of almost 15".
I made her using my anatomical models for reference (meaning 3D infant skeleton repros) and my computer to check of symmetry and super-impose my model on the sculpt to check for anatomy matches.
Meaning I took photos of my sculpt and of my skeletons and super imposed on onto the other in Photoshop :)
Gotta love technology!

You can customize your baby according to your tastes by choosing the hair and skin color (light or tan) and the complexion of your baby. You can also request birthmarks or scratch marks etc. Of course you pick the name and gender as well.
The price is 800 Euros. I am quoting in Euros because I live in Europe and the dollar fluctuates too much but its around $1180 with today's exchange rate.
AS I've said I only have 4 left so if you might be interested drop me a line.

I will be posting pictures of her shortly!
Have a great day!


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