Friday, March 14, 2008

Falling in love...

I sit and watch her "sleep", my little girl, un-assmbled, barely painted, wrapped in a blanket. I look at her and where before I saw her imperfections, I only now see her beauty. What color of hair should I give her? Black maybe, like Cody had... her skin is fair so black will suit her well.
I went (unwillingly) shopping for her today... well not *for* her exactly, I just popped in the store to see if the Spring clothes were in (they were and I think I've decided on Little Wonder's Outfit!).

I've always loved this sculpt, ever since the summer when she was born. I begged Ruth to take her, as I really couldn't afford to keep her but I wanted one of her to keep. I am so happy she is home to mommy at last :)
I haven't even touched the preemie... don't get me wrong, I love her too and I am dying to put her together, but there is something so familiar and sweet about Romy... My little girl... a vinyl little girl.
I really hope I am allowed to post pictures, I don't want to step on the company's toes :)
So for now, I sit and look at her, half done, all pale and small and fragile with her hands open in sleep, what is she dreaming about? I can't wait to get to her, doing her up, dressing her and showing her around...
Oh what fun I will have photographing her!!
My little girl...


Bren said...

Hi Tina ~
It's Braelin's Mommy, Bren. I didn't know if you received my last emails....& wanted to make certain you still had my email's:
I do know you're very busy....Braelin's 4th birthday is upon us (May 26), & I was wondering if you are still creating him? If not, do you mind letting me know. I still have his cradle out, & it is filled with some of his things...I also have his gown he wore laying in it, on the blanket he was wrapped in. I do still want a "Braelin Baby" so desperately, to dress & place in his cradle, but if you have chosen not to finish him....I'd like to find someone who can make me one. Thank you for understanding. And thanks so much for your time! Have a great day!
Lord Bless ~

Jeanette said...

I am so excited to find your blog, although it doesn't look like you update very often LOL

I have never done anything with reborning but I bought your "Mommy Loves You" sculpt on a whim because the first time I saw it, I felt like I was looking into the face of my daughter, a late term pregnancy loss.

It's odd that I bought her, I have no idea how to reborn anything and apparently there are no classes in my area *sigh* but even if it takes me the next 20 years, I will learn how to do this and be able to creat my "Lucey" doll.

Thank you for your work, and for bringing a little peace to souls like mine.

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