Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A ladybug for Spring...

Today was a weird and exhausting day!
It started in the wee hours of morning when my son decided he wanted to stay up... until 3am. Somehow I ended up with both of them in my bed until finally at 3.30am I gave up, picked them up carried them in bed and in a very stern voice I waved my finger in front of their noses and told them if they dared get out of bed again, so help me God I would spank them so hard they wouldn't be able to sit for a week. And guess what? It worked with no spanking involved... not that I have ever spanked them but the threat worked. I was child free until around 7am! Yay!

Then Cody started the day with a dreadful cough, runny nose and a temperature. John followed... I worked some during the day after I slept for a couple of hours from 8am when the nanny arrived until 10am. Sorry but I had missed half my sleep last night!
And then I got two wonderful parcels in the mail. One was from Brenda in the US. I got my ordered Pins from her. One reads "I love making babies out of clay" and the other says "Yes, I still play with dolls!" lol.
I put them on my handbag ;)

Then I got my outfit from Milly Me (Thea). Now I will be honest with you. At first I thought it was very pricey and had second thoughts about buying it... but when it arrived, OMG it is SO worth EVERY PENNY!! It's amazingly well made, like high end boutique well made. Thea did a marvelous job!
It's a complete ladybug set and I am saving it for an Asian 3 month old I am sculpting in between ordered work. Love love love this outfit!
Thank you Thea, you are incredible and your work is fantastic. I am so looking forward to getting more of your outfits for those "special" dolls ;)

On another note we've had two partial births today: Baby Alyssa, a 12" JUST BORN full sculpt baby was almost born today. She is only missing her arms and Nicole's first baby, the sleeping one, had her or his head baked today. I love this head and I think it's one of my best. Nicole, you won't be disappointed my friend with the twins, they are coming along SO nicely!!!
I hope to bake the awake baby in the weekend. I can do arms and legs fairly quickly... for the life size ones it takes me about two hours per limb... most of the time is taken by doing the detailing :O)
I love making hands the best though... feet being a close second lol.

And and on another note, our power company went on strike today... I had a baby with a 104 fever in the car after taking him to the ped, a prescription for antibiotics and what nots and because of the stupid strike all the over night pharmacies were closed because they had not power! And I got home to find our entire block was out too. I dragged my half asleep feverish pre-schooler 2 floors using the stairs, you idiots always wanting more money power company goons... and then I couldn't put him in the shower to lower his fever and I couldn't put on the humidifier for him to breathe because we had no power!!
Thankfully they had decided that each block will be without power for 3 hours so we got our power back at around 9pm and then the next block went black. I will fill the prescription for Cody tomorrow morning. Apparently his tonsils are SO infected he requires Claripen, an antibiotic used on AIDS patients for it's potency. And I am SOOOO loading everyone up on Vit C from tomorrow onwards. I had it with my family being sick ALL THE TIME for the past 4 months. If I see another runny nose on either child or adult so help me I will cork it ;)



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