Friday, March 14, 2008

New Vinyls By Simply Reborn Dolls

Today I got my prototypes of the two new babies I sculpted for Simply Reborn Dolls.
This was a good month because I got my Mommy Loves You and now these two and I am over the moon :)

I just love this new vinyl, the Simply Skin II. The color is lovely and correct and it's soft and smooth BUT not THIN to the point it can't keep its shape like it happened with Ben.

I am happy with the sculpts although as expected some detail was lost when the sculpts were translated to vinyl but still very detailed both of them :)
Of course my first love is the newborn version which I've named Romy (after my favorite actress Romy Schneider).
I can't wait to start reborning them but I have orders to finish first so they will have to wait... patiently :)

It's odd to receive prototypes ... some companies take so long you've forgotten all about the sculpt details and the vinyl seems foreign to you. Or worse, it's been years and you have moved on, improved greatly, and suddenly you see your earlier work just released and you go "wow! was I BLIND back then?". I mean don't we all do that? Sculptors and reborners alike? Don't we all think we're much better now than two years ago and laugh when we see our earlier work? I do most of the time :)
It's not that I was "horrid" two years ago and I am a master now... but I am constantly trying to improve my work, I study and study and sketch and draw and sculpt the human baby form trying to achieve the ultimate realism and correct anatomy and this has SOME effect right? I mean I am improving sculpt by sculpt, even a tiny bit... so when I see older work, even if it's good work I go.. "yeah, I now do this feature much better".
Or as my boys grow so do my sculpts... I am about ready to take the plunge and sculpt OLDER babies... a few months old...a few years old...

But anyway... this post was about my little prototypes. Girls you won't be disappointed!
I hope I will be allowed to share pics :)


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