Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because that's JUST what I needed..

They say God laughs when you make plans... I will amend that and say KIDS laugh when you make plans!!
I had a VERY heavy schedule set for today. I needed to ship dolls, take photos, pay bills (by going to the bank), go to the supermarket, make an appointment to get the boys haircuts etc.
So last night I went to bed early (midnight!) hoping I would get a solid 8 hrs this time.
Well, the boys got me up 20 (!!) times between them!! At around 5am, I got out of bed to get some milk for Cody and realized I had a killer migraine... two codeine pills later, it's now 12 hrs later and I STILL have a killer migraine.
Then George started screaming in the middle of the night and for 20 minutes I was applying counter pressure to his foot because he got a killer cramp (2nd time in a week - he is going to see specialist, something is off because his lower leg is extra swollen).

The boys (who had a miserable night) got up extra early today too, so any chance of me catching an hour of sleep vanished.
They were extra feisty today too... I managed to get them dressed and in the car by 12.30pm and to the supermarket we went. On our way downstairs to the building's garage, Cody accidentally poked John's eye out...
Two hours later and John was still crying and screaming so off to the ER we went...
Apparently John (now known as Captain John) has a scratched retina!
We have to go back tomorrow to undo the bandages and have another look... and we are supposed to go on a vacation on Thursday!!
Right now the chances look slim for that and other reasons (family related) :(
Of course we will lose all monies paid etc etc.

Sigh... and I STILL have the killer migraine!!
I will share a picture of Captain John (the pirate, didn't you get it?!) later.
I am off to stop him from taking the bandages off!! And convince him to open his OTHER eye so he stops bumping into the walls!!
Your well wishes are appreciated at this point!


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