Thursday, August 13, 2009

Very short vacation

On the 15th August, the Greek Orthodox Church (and 98% of the Greek population!) celebrate one of the biggest religious happenings ... typically, August is a slow month for Greece as most are on vacation. But just before and just after the 15th, Greece is paralyzed since nothing works, the courts are closed, you struggle to find an open pharmacy etc etc.

Right now I can't even buy shipping boxes!! Everyone is on vacation!
After the 15th, typically, Athens starts to return to normal as people return from their holidays...

I haven't taken a day off in a year, between mothering, taking care of a special needs child, sculpting/working and house keeping, I am breathless and frayed at the edges.
So I am taking the boys up to the mountains to the "village" for 4-5 days tomorrow... I hope I make it for so long. My kids are city kids and the village is waaaaaaay up on the mountains with very few modern delights.. I will be lucky if I have cell reception.
I have shipped most of my orders, I do have a couple I haven't so please forgive me and bear with me, I will ship next Wednesday when I will be back.
I won't have internet access so please do not fret if you can't reach me :)
I DO need these few days to clear my head, I promise you I will be back better than ever!
And I am taking my sculpting with me of course... are you excited to see what baby will be born in the country???



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