Thursday, August 06, 2009

If you haven't seen me sculpting much...'s because I've lost two of my key tools :(
Yesterday I could go on no more without my trusty favorites, I ordered them again through eBay... and I will make sure I keep tabs on my tools more closely in the future.

I have a few babies in the works at the moment but I have been too tired (the absence of the nanny is FELT... darn the crisis!!) and too scattered to finish anything. I feel terrible, guilty and down and can't enjoy anything because my mind is constantly on my work.
So I've decided to sit down, just finish everything and then take a couple weeks off... I think a short vacation (somewhere I don't have to pay like G's grandparents house in the mountain) will do me and the boys wonders...
For now I leave you with a baby I started sculpting back in May and had been a head for.ever!!! Talk about a slowpoke!
This is Ethan (mini baby, not available).


Gen said...

Hi Tina,

Ethan is so cute:)VERY WELL DONE!!!

You sond very tired!!
I really understand you. Momys never have holidays.

A "big" break will do you very well.
Gen xo

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