Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on the Discover Dolls Show!!

Hi everybody!
I thought I would give you an update on the upcoming Discover Dolls Show in October in Peterborough, UK.

It is looking like I will be offering plenty of dolls. I am not doing any pre-sales this time so there will be plenty for you to chose from.
The way it's looking I will be offering 5 full size resins and the last of the Baby Mines (a girl with light brown hair!).
I will also be offering quite a few mini babies as well, some full sculpt, some with a cloth body.
I will also be offering two full size newborn OOAKs.

Lastly, I will not be attending the next show in June 2010 as it falls too close (or ON) my sons' pre-school graduation festivities which are typically held around mid-June. The sculpting class will not be held of course if I am not there :)
There is a *slight* chance I will make it *IF* the festivities are held on the 9th June but since even the school does not know that yet, I can't tell you until much later in the year and there is a chance by the time the school knows, I won't find a flight or a room in the hotel... hmmmm.

So... I still have 3 places for my October sculpting class ... and it might be your last chance for a whole year to buy a baby on the spot with a good discount. I am taking PayPal on the spot now, so you can pay with your credit cards too on the day of the show.
Also, after this show, pre-orders and custom orders will be suspended for a while as I am burned out and exhausted and I will take some time off sculpting on demand, to find my "mojo" again lol :)
So last chance people, there might not be a baby available for a while lol :)
(of course any pre-orders I have taken to date will be filled out promptly, I am just not taking any new ones!)

I am sure you will love the babies at the show and what a wonderful (early) Christmas present they will make :) They are all anxious to spend their first Halloween with their forever mommy so please stop by for a cuddle. You never know... your dream baby might await you! So come on! Treat yourself this Halloween...with a Kewy baby ;)


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