Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What does your dad mean to you?

My dad is the most awesome person in the world!!
If you met him, you would think so too...How close are you and your dad?
Because let me tell you, I am VERY close to mine!! He lives next door, I see him everyday, he is an active part of our lives...
He ADORES kids... when I had the boys, you would really think the guy had just been made President of the Universe and was given the Keys to Heaven. THAT's how happy he was and he has been a part of their lives every single day.

My dad really is the guy that fell down 7 times and got up 8... Orphaned at the age of 3, he lived a poor life, then my mother happened to him (please don't me started on my mother!), and she kicked him out *for no reason at all* with nothing but a case of clothes.
My dad got up yet again... and today he has his little apartment, his car, his job in an elementary school which he loves...

My dad was scheduled to have abdominal surgery today... Instead they came and told him they are sending him for more tests as leukemia is suspected.
My dad lost 3 of his 5 siblings from cancer in the last 3 years so there is a heavy history there.

I am so drained today... I spent the day with him today. I feel like I was hit with a ton of bricks but my dad keeps smiling.
"God will provide" he says often and blimey me, He has!
Please prayer warriors... this is a person that has so much to give... Please say a prayer that he does not have cancer...
My dad's name is Constantine (Cody or Gus as they call him).
Here he is with his elementary volley ball team. They have won many trophies and he also coaches the chess club.. He is such a talented guy!!


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