Saturday, September 05, 2009

Waaaaah, vacation is over!!

So that's that then... summer is over but we had a great time when we went away!!
Even with the rocky start lol... John's eye is great, the trauma was minor, only required 3 days of patching, and everyone had a good time, nobody was hurt but... Cody stopped eating on our last day. His teeth hurt... turns out he need 3 teeth de-nerved and sealed... and John needs some dental work too (sigh, those preemie weak teeth!!) so we are looking at $1000 ... obviously we've already started with Cody since it got to the point he couldn't chew, almost done with one tooth, two more to go...

Here are a couple of pictures from our vacations... As we say in Greece, happy winter everyone...


Gen said...

Hi Tina :)
Looks that you had fun :)
I hope you could rest a little bit!
I have teeth problems with Elodie too :( I don't understand why :( She is a preemie and she had a lot of antibiotics until now :(

Happy winter to you LOL
HUGS xoxoxo

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