Sunday, October 04, 2009


You can be absolutely certain of a few things in life and one of them is, you are going to die! Apparently there is one more: when Tina has a show coming up, things will go haywire... because things going as planned and letting Tina work in peace for that show, would be too easy...

When we employed a nanny, an expensive necessity since the boys couldn't go to daycare and I had no other help, I could be sure for one thing: my shows coincided with the time our nanny wanted to visit her native country and invariably, just weeks before a show, I was left alone with the boys, able to work only a few hours each night after they were in bed. Every.Single.Time in the 3 1/2 years we've had her, this happened.

Then, when I couldn't afford the nanny any longer, I had a summer of craziness in which I flopped around like a fish out of water and while I *tried* very hard to be consistent with my work, the boys decided to go through that crazy phase of wanting mommy every.2.minutes...especially if she was doing anything other than sit with them. Again I found myself working at night and I dragged a tired me out of bed every morning knowing there would be no nap, no time off and no five minutes of peace while they were awake. And I won't even go into how hectic their schedule is, because lets not forget my John has special needs and Cody, who is not considered special needs, has therapy also for his ADHD and Speech.
So ok, we got through the summer... and September, glorious September came, and the boys started SCHOOL!!!

My life changed: I would get up at 6.30am every morning, while everyone else enjoyed a few more minutes of sleep and I would start breakfast, pack carefully prepared healthy lunches in tiny red Transformers lunch boxes, put out clothes that I spent long minutes in carefully matching and then at 7am I would go into their room, singing the "Good morning" song and get two little sleepy heads up for the day.
I would then rush around getting them dressed, getting hubby his breakfast and of course being cross with him, because he could see we were running late and he wouldn't help dress a noodle legged boy and off we would go ...
I would drive 30 minutes through heavy, heavy traffic and then try to find somewhere to park the car so I could get the boys out of their carseats and into school before the bell, which would have been fine, except about 100 other parents were trying to do the exact same thing at the exact same time as me... and then.... then... I would get into an empty car and let out a sigh...

I could work at home until it was time to go pick them up again. And for 3 weeks I worked fine... I got loads of things done, I shipped dolls, finished orders and my to-do list has gone way down in things to-do!
Then this past week came... and on Friday and Monday (tomorrow) the schools are closed because we have elections today (Sunday).
And on Thursday the boys started coughing up a lung... and then yesterday *I* caught it... and I wasn't able to work much on Friday... and I won't work tomorrow, Monday. And my dad got diagnosed with cancer and had his surgery on Thursday and I got a parking ticket of $120!!! when I went to be with him at the hospital.
And today, I hardly had any sleep between John being very sick and throwing up from all the coughing, me feeling very sick my throat swollen to three times its size and of course, OF COURSE, they (the Navy) chose George to be on duty today!!

So let me re-cap. I have two very sick little boys, I am sick myself to the point I see double, my dad had surgery and he has no-one else for help except me and he is home since yesterday because the crappy hospital needed the bed, I need to go VOTE (it's mandatory in Greece) and my husband won't be home for another 36hrs.
I can't go to my dad because if I give him the virus, bye bye with his cancer and surgery and all and of course I need to prepare for the show for which I am leaving for in 5 days!

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I have a show, the Universe shows just how much it hates me... I can count on it, if I have a show, the world will come tumbling down on me... With odds like these, I should have been able to win the Lottery right?
Sigh... Will you please, say a prayer for us? I am losing it!
Please pray the the boys will be better tomorrow so that I can send them to school Tuesday! Please!! I need the hours to work!!! And gather my brain... btw have you seen my brain?
The whole thing makes me feel good about not attending the June show...
Universe, why do you hate me? :(


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I am sure it doesn't hate you!!! It always tests the strong.... makes them stronger. You are an amazing woman, Tina.
And when your little boys are 20 and packing their own lunches or worse yet, their suitcase to leave home you will look back and long for these times. Enjoy the madness. It is the Universe tell you you are special enough to have and hold and endure it.

Kim said...

Aww Tina, when you get it you get it! I agree though that you must be a strong woman. My life is all too similar to yours right now as my own Dad has cancer and one of my boys is coughing up his lung too and I don't dare go near my Dad as with the radiation he had makes him more susceptible to catch things!
Take a deep breath and try to get some rest yourself. After reading your post I wish I lived closer to you cause I'd come help you out! You could always teach me how to sculpt those amazing babies like you do!
I'm sending you a big hug all the way across the world and hope things get better soon for you and your family.

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