Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fevers, chills and coughs...

I thought if you are an adult you are supposed to have a strong immune system... before having kids, I was never sick... except that first year I went into teaching. I was sick all year long that year... but after that, I wasn't and I stayed that way until I had the boys... and ever since then, I've been getting everything they have been getting, every single time and because they are usually sick all through the winter, *I* am sick through 90% of the winter.

See, the problem is, that us mommies don't get a break when we are sick. My husband's words are infamous; when I told him "Honey, I am so sick, I can't stand up" he replied "Well, take something then and make us something to eat, we are hungry!" (by "take something" he means some pill).
Buuuut, when HE is sick, he is like "Ow ow ow I am DYING I tell ya, my nose is stuffy, my throat hurts and I will surely DIE I tell ya!" lol :)

So for the past 10 days I've been "hanging on" except yesterday and the day before that, I've taken a turn for the wasn't so bad and I actually got some work done too...then when the sun went down, OMGosh, I feel so bad it's not even funny. I can feel the fever rising and I took a 45 minute long SHOWER just because I couldn't bear the thought of getting out of the tub and leaving that glorious, steaming, hot water behind... you know... in the tub... where it can't come over me in luxurious hot waves to take away my fever... and the best part?
G is on duty tonight...and he took the last four pills of Comtrex!!! (note: cold and flu symptom relieving medicine)
I felt better this morning so I let him have it with him...and now I don't feel so good at all and I have no medication to get me back on my feet... and I have promised pictures to someone and it's 11pm and I can't drag myself out of bed (Yes I am writing this from my netbook in bed!) to do that and I feel SOOOO bad...
Will you send some healing vibes my way? This stupid cold is kicking my butt for 10 days now... enough already!
And if this turns out to be swine flu, they'd better get me some Relenza or something otherwise I might kill someone!! ;)


OOAK babies by Mina said...

I hope you get well soon! It's hard being sick and running after kids. Stress doesn't help. When I'm under stress it always manifests as a cold.

And if my husband tried that line (take something and make us something to eat) the saucepan would be leaving a lovely imprint on the front of his head, lol.
He may have been mummy's boy when he lived with his mum, but not in my house, haha!

All the best hun

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