Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If you feel yucky and you know it...

... stay at home!!

Yuck! I've been feeling a little sick for a few days now but since it's been a "few days" I figured I wouldn't actually get *very* sick and I would escape with only the runny nose and the sore throat.
BIG mistake!! Ha! Since yesterday I've had the full blown symptoms!! My eyes won't actually open all the way up, I am dizzy which combined with my usual clumsiness is NOT a good combination, my head weighs a ton, my bones hurt and I have green and brown goo coming out of my nose.. Y U C K!!!!

So if you have e-mailed me and haven't heard from me, sorry girls, I will get back to you. Today is a national holiday (our equivalent of the 4th July) so I am taking this day off, since G is home to look after the boys and I will just burry myself under the duvet and stay there!
Well it's 3pm here, so I mean, starting now, since this morning I was dragged to a photoshoot and I am sure all the pictures are blurry because I was so dizzy, I am not even sure what I was taking pictures of... ha!

I have so many new things to show you too and I have one of the resins for sale too but all this has to wait until I can get back on my feet... give me a couple of days and massive doses of Vit C and I should be back to normal... sort of.


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