Friday, November 20, 2009

Help me help a child in need...

As Christmas approaches, we all think about those in need... Every year my boys and me, sort out their toys and give a good portion of (unbroken!!) toys to the church or leave them outside doors we know poor kids in our neighborhood live in.

Every other year I donate an OOAK to be raffled off at my dad's school and the money goes to the Make a Wish Foundation or The Child's Smile, here in Greece.

This year I really want to help ONE child in particular... ok, well, TWO ..
I want to sponsor a child in an underdeveloped country and I want to help a little boy in Taiwan to be united with his forever family in the USA.
It doesn't matter I am in Greece and they are not. Good deeds know no boundaries, color, race or religion (although both of these children are being raised Christians but that's a coincidence, I would still do it for a Muslim or a Jew or an atheist, it doesn't matter!)

I know money is tight for everyone right now so I will be auctioning off one mini baby every one or two weeks so I can raise the money so I can sponsor one child for a whole year... Then I would like to donate to Jeremiah's Promise to help this Christian American family bring their little boy home from Taiwan.
You can read about Jeremiah and this incredible family here.

If you want and can donate to Jeremiah, every penny helps... or you can bid in one of my auctions and get an adorable Kewy baby and know your money is going towards a good cause.
As soon as I have the money and have chosen my sponsored child, I will of course post pictures and updates as I get them.

On all other fronts, we are all on the road to healing except George who got really sick the moment he got home from Berlin!
The rest of us are doing well. I am quite drained, so much so, that this morning I didn't even hear TWO alarm clocks go off and thus missed getting the boys to school! I guess I needed the extra sleep... a week of sleeplessness will do that to you I suppose :)

I am off to run errands, ship dolls, clean house and cook, while dragging the boys along for the ride. Oh joy!



eleana said...

What a lovely work!!! I loved your baby dolls, they are all look really wondertful, so real. I have also twins and I am familiar with this tiny size at the very beginning of their lives. Its awesome!!!
I am also a fan of the idea you have to help a child... Just give us more details.

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