Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rough Night

We've had a rough night... John had a fever all night and Cody kinda felt warm but when I put the thermometer in, he didn't have a fever.
Thankfully we had NO MORE vomiting... good thing because I run out of blankets and pillows!! Which reminds me, I will go do my laundry now.

They are very bummed about their birthday parties :( such a shame I agree ... But maybe we can still do the Saturday one but without extra guests, just family and we can do the school one next week.
I will give them their presents and we will still make a came and decorate :) Then when they are better, I will invite their friends over again at a later date :)

This morning John does not have a fever or cough, he feels better and he drank some Pediasure. Cody has a nasty diarrhea! Yup, we caught something good alright! :(

Please keep us in yours prayers!!!


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