Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I spoke too soon...

John just spiked a fever out of the blue of 104!!!
He has already thrown up several times. He was FINE all day. I put them to bed normally and within 2 hrs he was shaking like a leaf. He threw up the Tylenol and everything else :(
I called the ped and apparently the on-call Children's hospital is FLOODED at the moment, the line of cars is a mile long.It's on the news and they are telling people to keep their kids HOME and try to bring the fevers down with drugs...

If he is not better in the morning I will take him in since he's been exposed to swine flu (mine for starters!!). Although he did become sick about 10 days ago, it was super mild and since I was confirmed I thought he had it and just breezed through it... now I am wondering if he DIDN'T get it at the time and THIS is actually swine flu... YIKES.
John is immuno-compromised!!

PLEASE say a prayer: That John flies through this thing and that CODY DOES NOT GET IT!!!!!
It's a difficult time because my husband is in Berlin and my mother in law is in the hospital with her father (G's 100 year old grandfather) who is struggling to stay alive so I have absolutely NO support system, not one person, if this turns ugly...
So please PRAY, please!!! My poor baby, I have NEVER seen him so bad, never :(


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