Monday, December 21, 2009

Breathless Monday!

Ok so I dare ya, ask me what I did today, go on ask me!!

When my horoscope read "expect the unexpected" I didn't really believe it... My day started off as usual. Dragged myself out of bed after only 6 1/2 hrs of sleep, during which my son Cody had woken me up 3 times like usual, made the kids' lunches, got them up, dressed and straightened out, then drove 40 minutes in traffic, dropped them off at school, I ensured they got IN the classroom AND I informed the teacher that they were carrying this year's Christmas cards for the class and to make sure each classmate got one..
Then drove back another 40 minutes in traffic to get home...

In the early morning I have this ritual: I made me a coffee, start the washing machine and dishwasher and sit down to read my e-mail. This is usually around 10am ...
Then I know what I need to do and I usually sit down to work on my dolls until around 12pm when I need to start cooking lunch.
So this day I did just that and then sat down to work. I photographed and sold a baby and sat down to pack it, thinking I would be SO cool to ship her off the same day (I was going to the post office for another doll anyway).
Then my brother calls.
In the calmest of voices he asks "Are the kids home?" No, they are in school.
"Oh good! Can you please drive me to the hospital because my cat just pawed my eye out?" I was like WHAT?

Pause here. My brother and my dad live in the same building in the next block to the right, while my MIL lives in the next block to the left.
I am the only one who a) drives and b) does not "work" in the mornings. I mean, I do work, but from home.
Also I should mention that my brother has a psychotic cat.. and I do mean P S Y C H O T I C!!! He picked her up off the streets when she was a baby and in the one year he's had her, she has wrecked the house AND him. Today she attacked him in his sleep and yes, she did paw his eye out!!!

So my brother arrives and I grab my keys and his eye looks like Rocky's after 10 ten rounds with that Soviet guy and I grab one of John's eye patches (because you know, I think on my feet and all lol) and patch him up... and off we go.

Now, Andrew is my baby brother so naturally I started off towards the Children's Hospital downtown... for two reasons: a) when we need a hospital 99.9% of the time it is either for a child or the pet and both are in that direction and b) he is my BABY brother... then of course I did a steep U turn when I realized that my *baby* brother, is TWENTY NINE!!

Then I drove another hour in traffic but this time, this hospital had a parking lot so that was good.

We got a good sermon from the Opthalmologist about how animals are diseased and how my brother would lose his eye to infection, got it cleaned, refused to bandage it and sent us home with a $100 bill for his services (!!!) and a prescription for a $5 antibiotic ointment!

By now it was almost time to pick up the boys from school... so naturally I GOT LOST and drove 1 1/2 hrs passing the same street 5 times at least until I got my bearings and got to the boys' school.
Then my mom wanted to see them. She only called 12 times yesterday to remind me of the fact so I took them in to see her. She has a shop but the area is really busy and you can't park so we left the car at the Mall and took the train (which actually stops RIGHT at the Mall) .. it was only one stop :)
But the Mall is decorated and there were hordes of stalls of free products and a Carousel and a Train so by the time we got to my mom, we could only stay for 15 minutes as we had an appointment with the Child Psychiatrist at 5.30.

Cody cried for 15 minutes while going TO the appointment and then another 10 minutes because he didn't want to LEAVE ...
This is Cody's "gear shifting" problem. He has horrible meltdowns when he needs to change activities...
I arrived at the appointment, dragging the kids, 10 minutes late, dodging the doctor in order to change John who, of course, had once again lost control of his bladder and needed new clothes.

So I walk in to find this CLASSIC 50 something, psychiatrist, not a hair awry from her perfect bob, dressed in smart pants and a blouse, while I, overweight, hair a mess, dressed in job pants and a sweatshirt and not an ounce of make-up of course.

She did tell me I am a fantastic mom though and I am handling the boys well but other than that, she just asked some background questions and watched the boys play.

By the time the appointment ended around 6.30-ish, there was no way in Hell I was cooking dinner. So I treated the boys to steak down stairs (John is in a meat phase and it's all he will eat!) and drove home, where I washed them real quick but still made the mistake of leaving them, their can of "fake" shaving foam and fake razor, alone in the bathroom while I mixed up John's caloric supplement.
I walked in to find just how much surface half a can of fake shaving foam can cover.

Fortunately they really just CRASHED when I put them in bed and I had the chance to take a shower myself... and this is where the fun begins.
Remember last August I dropped the iron on my big toe and smashed it?
I eventually lost the entire nail and right now, 4 months later, it only needs 1 cm to be completely "normal" again.
Well I remove my WIDE, COMFY WALKING SHOES, and my toe really REALLY hurts and is swollen.
It seems like the edge of the nail, was digging in the flesh all day and OMGosh the PAIN... funny thing is I barely noticed it all day... you know, driving my brother to the hospital and then dragging the kids halfway through town.

SO I sit down with this big mean tube of Betadine and antibiotic cream and a ton of green puss comes out of the nail... and now I have a Batman Bandaid around my toe because I am never out of KIDS' Bandaids but apparently I am out of adult ones!!
And the darn thing STILL hurts... but I hope I caught it early!

And you guessed it... I did not get that doll shipped :(
(and this is the second time I am writing this post because the Blog Monster ate it the first time around)

And now ladies, I am off with my coffee to watch a little TV because honestly? I AM EXHAUSTED...and tomorrow I have to do MOST of it all over again...hopefully not the hospital thing but I did promise a trip to the Mall so they can ride the Carousel...and my kids? NEVER FORGET!!!


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