Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry belated Christmas...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and friends and lovely surprises!!

We had a hectic but otherwise quiet day that started in the same way it did for most of you; very early with very exciting little kids jumping up and down and tearing paper ;)

Cody got an electric train and John a Hot Wheels race track and the Navy got each of the boys a "domino train" (don't ask but it's a pain in the butt and too noisy!)
I've seen loads of presents under trees in pictures but a) we have banished cheap toys that break easily and b) between the school needing to be paid, the end of the year car tax and Christmas day food shopping, these were all I could afford for the boys.

They have a MILLION toys, enough for 10 children so don't feel bad. We gathered up our old toys and gave them to charity. I so want to teach them that Christmas is about GIVING not taking but they did get rewarded for their kindness :)

I got George a Blu Ray disk player but kind of regretted it afterwards (don't ask) and I got each grandparent a photobook and a wall calendar with the boys... and they gave me... nothing.
Yup folks... I didn't get ONE single thing for Christmas :( except from my DAD! Did I mention my dad is the greatest person on the planet?

I spent the entire Christmas morning in the kitchen where I made an apple pie, a muddy road caramel/chocolate cake, fresh garlic bread (yes I actually made bread from scratch) and stuffing. We also bought all the cold cuts for the table, and we headed to my Mother in law's for lunch.
I am not one to whine and I wasn't really expecting anything, really, but it kind of stung when everyone accepted their presents and ate the food and the next day my MIL still complained to my husband about me :(

Sigh... hey, season of giving remember? Letting it go...

The day before I had taken the boys to get the car washed and got some cool shoots of them with their faces glued to the glass looking as the car went through the machine (it has a transparent wall and you can sit there and watch!) and it was a nice day so I took them to the playground next and I got some MORE cool shots of them.
For MONTHS I had saved up for a new camera and I finally managed to get it on layaway and I am so happy with it. I consider it my Christmas/Birthday present (since my birthday is so close to Christmas anyway) to myself especially since I know I am not getting any presents from anyone :) Again, don't feel sad for me... I'm a big girl and take care of myself well :) It doesn't even bother me anymore like it used to... as long as my little guys have fun that's the best present for me :)

If you head over to my Facebook page you can see new photos of the boys :)
Hugs to everyone!


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