Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excited over a newborn & the migraine

I have a funny way of working... I always start with the head and unless it was a custom order, it is usually because I saw a picture of a baby I couldn't resist (remember I always sculpt from photos & so must you ;)).
So a few weeks ago, quite lazily actually, I started on a newborn as a stress reliever for no one in particular and "stole" an hour here and an hour there to work on him/her. I was thinking *if* the baby turned out to be any good, I could maybe do my next resin... and the weeks dragged on and I would carry the head to therapy (remember both my boys do therapy as John has suffered brain damage in utero and Cody has been diagnosed with ADHD and something with communication that will turn into dyslexia once in school but I don't know the English term for it) while I wait for them to finish etc.

There are some babies that come along so easy, I am done within days... and there are babies that take me half a century to "get right". For instance Little Wonder came easy... Small Miracle... the awake head I re-did 3 times and I discarded 4 sleeping heads before deciding on the one I finally did...
I am not sure if this happens because I am somehow "losing my touch" or because as time goes by I am becoming more and more strict with myself. I see more flaws lately and suddenly various things are no longer acceptable ... everything *has* to be just right, just so... and on one hand this really annoys me... on the other it ensures good sculpting.. remember nothing leaves this house until *I* am happy with it :)

So anyway, my little baby was missing something... so for weeks, on and off I would pick it up from the stand, unwrap the cling film and some days I would just look at it and some days I would fix something, add or subtract...
Unfortunately the therapy lounge is probably not as clean and dust free as my apartment because after several trips there, my baby has become very dirty despite my best efforts to keep her clean which automatically excludes her from ever being sold as an OOAK.
Of course this puts MORE pressure on me now, because now, she must be a repro baby... probably in resin... and when it comes to repro babies, I am VERY strict and difficult to please and an artist has to be... it's one thing to "love" and think you have a good sculpt and quite another when you must put your money where your heart is and have it reproduced!!! (and let me tell you, it is NOT cheap)

However! Yesterday I got this migraine the size of Texas.. no seriously, I have a hormonal imbalance and I was prescribed new pills a few weeks ago... and even though they fixed some ehm, things, they ruined some others... yesterday I must have taken more than 2000 mg of paracetamol (not all at once of course) and it didn't even do anything... so admist this horrific migraine from outer space (I think I am coming down with something as my throat also feels "funky") I send the boys to therapy with their dad and I sit down to "rest"... but instead I end up picking up the head and work on it... and she is now a sweet, full lipped, full size sweetheart... and can't wait to finish her.

Of course the killer migraine continued all day and all night. The boys got me up a few times (toilet, a drink, a nightmare - the usual) during the night and of course I could feel the migraine banging away each at around 6am I took two codeine pills and stayed in bed for a bit and right now I feel a bit better... I HATE migraines, they totally de-rail me. I can stand other things like a fever, bad back, I've even worked with carpal tunnel syndrome... but not a migraine! I can't even think with a migraine...

On another note, John gained a pound!!!! We have been struggling with failure to thrive for a while now but managed to avoid a g-tube so far. John was not a micro-preemie but he did have IUGR (was born at the 3rd percentile) however people who see him (and are a little knowledgeable) know he was a preemie, as he's got the look... his therapist says if she didn't know his history she would bet money that he is a former 26 weeker. But through a very careful diet and me running after him with a spoon 12 hrs a day and getting up at 4am daily to give him an extra bottle of a special caloric/carb/fat formula, John has gained a pound... we still need him to put on at least 10 more but one is a start right??
Unfortunately the supplement (which also increases his appetite for solids overall!) is not covered by our insurance so it's like John is eating out at a 4 star restaurant daily...which reminds me I need to go finish some dolls so I can afford said "4 star meals" for my little one lol :)

Pictures in my next post, I promise :)


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