Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please Pray!

As some of you know, my little guy, John, was born with a few issues. He suffered oxygen deprivation and IUGR in utero and he has some special needs.
Today we spent the entire day at the Naval Hospital... our appointment was actually for the 12th January but we got a call that someone had canceled and could we make it in that morning? John has been unchanged despite several months of therapy.. in fact in some areas he got worse (like his speech is slurred, he is not eating, he trips and falls constantly, has no stamina, black circles are under his eyes and he has become aggressive) so just to be on the safe side, I scheduled an appointment... I called early December and the first available one was for the 12th January 2010.
The lady on the phone said "don't come early, don't come late, be here at 10.30"...

I had (have) a full day... it's the last few days before Christmas, dolls need to go out, I need to wrap up a few things but thankfully not too many but I still ended up saying yes... I dropped Cody off to my MIL as there was no time to drive him to school which is in another district in the OPPOSITE direction to the hospital and John and I headed out. I had a doll in the trunk to be mailed and at that time I figured, ok, the appointment is early, I will make it to the post office no problems...
This is when you insert the "eeeeeee, wrong" buzzer sound.

First of all, John's neurologist used to be in the regular Naval hospital, smack dab in the middle of town... in a location where you could go by taking the metro... Then he accepted the position of Hospital Administrator.. in another area, in the other Naval hospital. The building, was built in the '50's used to be administrative services. There is no ambulance entrance, no handicap entrance and NO parking lot!!
In fact it is by the sea in an area very thickly populated...
While getting there, I realized they had changed the streets (it has been years since I needed to go to that building) I got lost.
I called to say I would be slightly late when I was nearing the hospital.. and I was only 5 minutes late when I saw the hospital... and then it took me another FORTY-BLOODY-MINUTES of going up and down EVERY alley in the area to find a place to park the car. The idea of just letting it be in the middle of the road did occur to me but I kinda like it so...
I was 45 minutes to get there and it involved a 15 minute hike from we parked to the hospital... with a child that generally does NOT walk more than a few feet without giving up and wanting to be carried (it's a little of a behavioral thing and a little of a physical, Cerebral Palsy thing)...

Do you know when we finally got to see the doctor? At 12.30... that was our punishment for being late... they put us at the end of the queue :(
John had a two hour therapy session at 1... we missed that of course.

The neurologist commented on how sweet and clever John was but now wants a repeat brain MRI under general done. He insists on John getting speech therapy (no Sh$t Sherlock! - excuse my French) and we got referred "upstairs". To make a long story short, by the time we had our upstairs appointment, all papers for the MRI signed and notarized and approved (hey the Navy doesn't spend money like that, you need a trillion signatures on the papers!) it was 2pm... it was 2.30pm by the time we made it to the car (John wanted to stare at the waves breaking on the sea front) and it was 5pm by the time we drove through the traffic to our home.

It's now 6pm and I got NOTHING done today :( well I got my son in to the hospital, I got the appointment for the MRI and the evaluation but the doll is still in my trunk :( and my heart is racing because I really wanted to send it today... TODAY!! :(

So please pray for the MRI on Friday, please please... and I hope my customer understands... :(
Here's to hoping tomorrow is a new, brighter day!


Jeanette said...

I am absolutely certain that if your customer knows your story, she will understand! How could she not?

Being a mom of a special needs kid is a full time job in and of itself. On days when we have doc appts at the children's hospital, we just figure it's going to be an all day thing, it seems like no matter how early your appointment is, you are there at least eight hours LOL

Fingers crossed for all the testing to be done and for you to know what is going on with John and help him get what he needs to feel better. {{{Hugs}}}

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