Monday, May 03, 2010

Update on the Discover Dolls Show!!

Hi everybody!

Well it is now certain I will not be able to go to the Peterborough show in June.
My husband just incurred a HUGE pay-cut, you must have heard of the dreadful financial situation Greece is in right now, and it has come to the point, I can't afford to go :(
I just can't make enough dolls to sell to pick up the slack and to cover this month's bills and have enough to sell at the show to make it a trip with some profit instead of me paying out of pocket... and I only have two students for the scultping class :( (the money just to rent the room for the day is more than what the students were asked to pay for the course).

I am gutted to say the least I can't come, I was so looking forward to this but we put everything down on paper and the money just isn't there and the students just didn't sign up :( Had I more students, it might have been a done deal but things didn't turn out like that :(

I apologize for the inconvenience.. as I said I am gutted too and of course I will make it up to the two girls and the dolls that I have already made will be sold, so if you were looking to buy a Kewy at show price, do not worry, you will get your chance. More on that later though.

Sigh... I am so upset :( I will miss you all so much!!
Please take loads of photos for me...


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