Friday, May 21, 2010

We're back

Hi world!
Sorry the blog was down for a while, hubby was trying a few new things with it.

An update on us, we are still in one piece :) I am *exhausted* from helping my dad move one floor below, me moving to a real studio and then of course re-doing the apartment because I emptied out my stuff for the move. Also I seem to be having loads of e-mails especially to AOL (but not only) not reach their recepients or coming back undelivered. So if you have mailed me but haven't heard back, please check with me again.

I know these last 3 weeks since I started moving things, I was a little out of touch, but I was literally coming home and falling asleep on my feet, my physical exhaustion is HUGE at the moment. However I did put in work between everything else and I assure you this coming week absolutely everything will be going out, if it hasn't already (as I did ship a few dolls this week as well).

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and patience and I apologize if I made you weary :)
Dolly hugs


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