Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi all,
Ok so let's see, it's been a few days since I've posted.
My dad is doing ok, not great but ok, and has been released from the hospital this morning. They are discontinuing the chemo until further notice.

John got sick on Saturday and was running a fever all through... he is still a little warm today but a dose of Tylenol and he is all better.
Cody on the other hand is very sick. He has a really high temperature and has been throwing up yellow/green stuff every ten minutes since he woke up this morning.
He is like his dad in sickness so he has been in bed all day which means he is feeling REALLY bad.
The best news (not really)!? George is on duty today... thankfully I finished their room yesterday, I now have "just" the rest of the house to do...
I am *exhausted*, I honestly don't know how I put one foot in front of the other... add the fact George is in a FOUL mood and I can't even talk to him (of course no way he would deal with sick kids, room clean outs or anything else right now)...

I am really behind with my e-mails, so bear with me for a couple more days while I sort those through.
I will post pictures of cute babes when I can... not that I've managed to do a lot of work since Friday mind you.

It's just so weird we were more or less ok through the winter (except the swine flu and that horrible hand/foot/mouth Cody got TWICE), with mild fevers and only mild snotty noses and some coughs...and that horrible case of the stomach flu.. and it's now Spring (and it's really hot!) and we go places like the park and generally outside and the boys get THIS sick. I'm telling you Cody is pathetic at the moment, he is sheet white, black circles under his eyes, white lips... oh and did I mention his fingernails are peeling off at the cuticle? Yeah he is missing chunks of nails from that stupid Hand/Foot/ least it doesn't seem to hurt him.

I've got to go, thank you all for your kind kind patience... pray for a swift recovery for my little guy and extra energy and strength for me please, I need it!


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