Friday, July 09, 2010

Exhibit A

Have you ever used the excuse "the dog ate my homework"?
I think I will use it now, thankyouverymuch, but in my case it will be "the CAT ate it"... my work and my tools that is...
Exhibit A
Merlin the cat, 4 months, former stray. Rescued him from the jaws of a dog 450 times his size. Looks innocent doesn't he?
"Who me?" (purrrrrrrrrr)

Exhibit B
This was a sculpted and baked arm...
(note the tiny little teeth marks)

Exhibit C

My Sponge tool....

He also loves to eat papers... especially if it is an IMPORTANT piece of paper like, oh, a receipt of shipping or something!!

Having Merlin is like having a 2nd child after your first child (who is now much older) who happened to be an ANGEL (Beau). Merlin is a little devil!! Beau was (and is) such an angel pet. NEVER in any trouble, not a peep while growing up, calm cool and composed... and then Merlin happens to you... and KABOOM!!! There goes your life as you knew it!!

Thank God he is cute... and purrs... and thinks I am his mommy... and follows me around and sleeps in my arms... otherwise he would be in SOOOOO much trouble... MERLIN!! PUT DOWN THAT CLAY BALL!!!!!


Yovanka Black said...

LOL :)))))))))))))))))))))

Your post was so fun to read I almost feel bad for not... feeling for you..

Merlin ROCKS!!!

BTW... loved your pics ;)


christine said...

Oh no Tina! You need to start locking your work up in one station where Merlin is unable to get to your work lol. I do this with my cats. Merlin doesn't know any better though. He is such a cutie pie...

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