Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cute babies, news and more

Hello everyone!! I've been busy in case you didn't notice lol :) Jack, my first solo doll kit is in the final stages or production and I am expecting him to start shipping in about 2 weeks... Then I've got my full body silicone baby... Then I've got my sculpting books coming out... Then of course I am sculpting and in between doing all the other mommy and wife stuff :) My psychiatrist said to me the other day I look "good" after my loss but in reality I've gone into overdrive/workaholic mode. I just do not want to think about it... right now, I am at a place where he's been gone for fall too long and I miss him so much more and things have happened I can't share with him anymore so it's worse than it was when it first happened. So I started working like a mad woman just to keep my mind off things... So, take one thing at a time... I've started on a new book called "Preemies". It is almost finished and will be available in the next couple of weeks. In case the title doesn't make it obvious, in this book I guide you through the steps of how I sculpt realistic preemies by sculpting a little 30 weeker. Who btw, is the cutest thing EVER :) I am SO happy with how he turned out! Then yesterday, hubby was on duty, I let the boys play Xbox and watch TV all day. We have banned them from both during the school days so they couldn't wake up early enough on the Saturday to get their hands on the controls hahahaha. Normally, I don't let them play all day as we usually go on playdates or run errands but yesterday I was feeling poorly, and it was POURING all day, so they played while I sat on the couch and sculpted mini babies.. And I've made two CUTIES!!! One Caucasian baby girl with slightly open eyes and a sleeping A/A baby... and I also made them clothes, pacifiers, toys and Similar bottles. So yeah, I've been busy :) This morning hubby came home and took over while I sit here catching up on e-mail and blogs I follow and later on, I will go "see" my dad... I really need to talk to him. And for some good news: Dear fellow sculptors... If you buy my book "Preemies" and you sculpt a preemie following my lead, you can win my next book "Newborns"!! I will go into more detail when the book is released and I I will have a preview of it featured here this coming week so come back to check it out. I wish you all have a magnificent Sunday! hugs Tina


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