Monday, October 17, 2011

Snips and snails... and boogers!

Had you asked me years ago, when I didn't yet know I was infertile or how hard it would be to actually get a baby, if I had wanted a boy or a girl, I would have said a girl... Somehow I was more of a pink, frilly girly girl type than a snips and snails, mud and boogers kinda gal... Fast forward a decade and I am the mom of two boys smack dab in the middle of their gross phase... you know the one... It's the one during which the funniest words on the planet are: bum, fart, poop... and things like burping contests are the highlight of one's meal (of course since mommy does not condone such behavior on the table, this is done in secret...). Yes, I see all you boy mamas nodding your heads already... you know what I am talking about. So although having a girl would probably be fun, and yes I would have the perfect excuse to get that dollhouse I have been dreaming, a baby's sex does not determine their personality. For instance I was anything but a girly girl. In fact I don't think I liked dolls at all until I was 8 or 9... and I didn't wear a dress until well into my 20s... I was the Doc Marten, torn jeans, sleeveless plaid shirt kind girl in high school... you know... a punk ;) Hard to imagine? Well I was... although I did lack the attitude to be honest. I was a mellow child and a trouble free teenager. I think my youngest brother made up for both mine and my middle brother's trouble free teenage years though. Boy did he give her a run for her money.... but I digress. So ok, my boys tolerate my baby sculpting... in fact, sometimes they actually like the sculpted baby and pretend she is their baby sister. But they were over the moon when I presented them with this:
To be honest, this is my second attempt at something cute and creepy and the same time. The "Storybook Friends" line has been in my mind for a few years now but I could never get the look down exactly... until yesterday. My original scetch of Booger was more... hairy. But during the sculpting sequence, Booger, showed me he was more reptilian than furry critter... and I obliged. In my mind, this is the cross between a lizard and a garden troll. He is only a few months old and just learning to walk. The boys are helping him. He hatched from an egg and was all sticky and slimy, thus earning the name "Booger".. but I find he is more cute than slimmy ;) And he has a side kick, a snal called Snot. Booger and Snot.... and yes we DO really keep pet snails in the boys' room much to my husband dismay. One is called "Dave"... and here is me proving how un-girly I am ;) Because I LOVE snails... and I make them crawl on my arm and the boys and I think they are cute... More piccies of Booger coming soon... and his story of course... I need to make more monsters!!! lol


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