Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The house of sick

Here we go, first virus of the season... it started with John (as usual) on Friday night with a hoarse voice...then continued on the weekend with coughing and lots of snots (LOTS of snot...). My stomach was "off" since Friday but for some weird reason it felt better when I had eaten something than when it was empty... this went on for 3 days too... Then Monday morning, I didn't send John to school because he was coughing and had a ton of snot... of course as soon as George had taken Cody to school, John instantly felt better and I had a horrid Monday trying to keep him busy but he was SOOOO bored it was incredible. Then last night John threw up around midnight in his bed...and was burning up. So no school for him.... and I woke up at 6am with the WORST back of the head migraine and a swollen throat... great! We are officially, sick! When people find out the boys are twins, they always say things like "hey, great! two birds with one stone" "you are done in only go" and things like that. But I do want another baby... Nothing phases me really about another newborn... I can handle the diapers, the spit up, the "carry a baby around forever", I love the breastfeeding part... there is only ONE thing I can't handle: sleepless nights... and boy did I have a LOT of those with the boys. In fact it has been a mere few MONTHS since I started sleeping through the night..and they turn 6 in 3 weeks. John is the worst. He will get up anything between 2 and 5 times a night for no reason. I often find him asleep on the couch or the bathtub... or on the floor of his room. And when John gets up, he wakes YOU up. Thankfully lately he prefers his dad ;) My problem with getting up is, once I am awake, I can't go back to sleep. So for a 5 minute wake up for John I spent an hour tossing and turning. Not fun. And I do NOT do well with little sleep. For me feeling sleepy is the worst thing EVER... I do better with feeling nauseous or hungry or anything else... So we are home today, all bundled up and waiting it out. I feel like ..well... you know. Needless to say we are having chicken soup today for lunch! Yes, it is officially, autumn now... yuck!


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