Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baby Natalie

I had a nice surprise today!! My sweet friend sent me a picture of my Natalie in resin already. geez, they are FAST :)
I want to share it with you (the color matches my clay, I know it might not look like it in this pic though). I can't wait to get her and start working on them. If you are interested drop me a note as my first batch is almost sold out :)

She would probably even be ok for an older little girl. I made the hands as fists on purpose so no tiny fingers get caught on clothes, same with the toes. Resin is harder than clay so a gentle touch little girl could have heaps of fun with a Natalie... (I would say a girl over 8 that is lol).

Can't wait to get my order delivered!! Man, that postman must think I have a serious crush on him... I practially squeal when I see him (not that is bad looking at all ;) wink wink)


Emma said...

Can you tell me how I can contact you to reserve a Natalie? She's absolutely adorable and I'd love to give her to my daughter as a special gift.

Tina Kewy said...

Mail me at tina (at) tinakewy dot com :)

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