Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Amelia

Little Amelia is a gorgeous little girl with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. She needs a kidney transplant in order to survive. Even though a family member will donate theirs, the doctors say no to the transplant because Amelia also suffered brain damage and is deemed "Mentally Retarded". In their eyes, Amelia should be left to die :(

My jaw literally dropped. SERIOUSLY?? What happened to "first and foremst do no harm"??
Why are they playing GOD???
It kind of brought me back to when I was pregnant and my doctor said to me "we should do this test, we don't want any mongoloids now, do we?"
(he meant a baby with DS). REALLY?? Because I would NOT terminate if my baby had Down Syndrome. I would only terminate if it was something really serious, fatal that would cause the baby great agony in his short life and only if it was caught super early. That's just me I guess... life, any life is valuable ... It's a CHILD for Christ's sake, a living, breathing child... a child who loves, feels, cries, laughs, understands... ok she might not ever be a rocket scientist... SO WHAT??
Who are you to decide her life is not worth living???

Please sign the petition for little Amelia:

And please post on CHOP's Facebook page to let them know how you feel:

And you can read her mother's account of the events here:

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