Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I got a feed in my e-mail from a blog I have been following a while. It's the story of a preemie boy who is now 2 1/2 (almost 3 actually). They hadn't posted since July so this was a long awaited post.
She writes that she sent her little boy to bible camp for a few days (!! at not even 3??) and that he only got "a few spankings" (!!!).

Huh?? I was so tempted to leave a comment but I restrained myself. Who am I to judge? He is a loved boy and this is a pained family as they lost their first baby and nearly lost the second (him). So I know the mom has gone through Hell complete with a lot of personal sacrifice for her son.
Still, it rubbed me wrong... very wrong.

I don't spank. Sure I had given the occassional swat on the butt, who hasn't? But I don't hit. I was hit mercilesly as a child by my mom (never my dad). I was beaten black and blue, I was terrorized (still wonder why I never mention my mom or why I have no relationship with her?), I lay awake at night in terror and worry often.
I don't hit. I don't take my nerves out on the kids. I wanted my kids. I worked really hard to get them here, to make them whole and functioning children. I don't hit.
But if I saw anyone lay a hand on them, child or adult, I would grind them to the ground. I am a very soft spoken person, practically a push-over. but when it comes to my kids, I am a dragon... not a lioness... a dragon, huge, fire breathing and with talons the size of an SUV. And I will unleash on you if you so much as touch my kids the wrong way...

"A few spankings"... on a former not even 3 preemie... In a BIBLE CHRISTIAN camp. Is my definition of Christian so much different then? Greeks are very firm Christians (Greek Orthodox, ever heard of that?)... I was never hit in Bibble Camp. I was never hit in Church Sunday School... my kids aren't either... am I the only one who finds this... wrong?


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