Tuesday, April 03, 2012

About Gus and Ellis

My dear collectors,
I know a lot of speculation has been going on for a while now about the delay in releasing Gus and Ellis. I even know a few think I am the only reason of the delay so I wanted to make a post to clarify.

First of all, I do not control production. I do not make them myself and they are not ready to ship from the factory and are not getting shipped because I have no money. This is a lie! Money is not an issue for the delay in production.
I also feel hurt when I hear "this is the first time a kit has been delayed so much" when I can name at least two more that were just as or more delayed but I won't because I know the artists and I know they faced similar problems as me.

I started out making the kits the way I felt they should be made because I wanted to please *you*, the collector and reborner. I chose a good, German factory, with good quality vinyl even thouh it costs an arm and a leg to have them produced there instead of China... and I hold the factory in very, very high respect. But I am green at doing this. I had no idea delays like these happen and as I have been told, they are actually common!! The factories get busy too...

I am very disappointed it is taking so long, very, very stressed out (my boys told me the other day I don't smile anymore)... and I am pushing as hard as I can believe me.
Please understand that I want NOTHING more than to get them out to the dealers and you and that I have everything to gain by doing so! For example I thought that after they had been shipped off, I would have enough earnings to pay off the dark cloud of therapy debt that insurance won't cover for my sons and have a little extra to take a few days vacation locally and just breathe a sigh of deep relief and enjoy my boys to whom I snap at more often that should be allowed these days :(... I haven't had a vacation in almost a year... not a single day off.

Yet Easter is around the corner and not only have not gotten a vacation, or paid any debt, I spend my days in a dark gloom, stressed out beyond belief...for something that was supposed to be SO happy. I haven't paid my electricity bill because on top of the delay, I also got pneumonia that had me out of commission a good two months so I couldn't make any OOAKs to sell... and I do support my family and put bread on the table off the dolls as many of you know.

I DO understand you, the collector yearn to have them, I do too... but you must accept that for me the ramifications of the delays are SO huge in all levels... All I am asking if for a little more time. They WILL COME, and soon, the molds are made but I did ask for one correction to be made to a joint... Time, that is all I am asking. A little bit (more) of your kind patience.
Thank you so much for your time!!
Yours truly,


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