Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Week

Well, it's Easter Week here in Greece... a week after half the world's lol :)

The boys are on their two week break from school and already in two days, I am pulling my hair out. It's one mischief after another... I can't even count anymore the number of times I grounded them, took a priviledge away or put them in time out! And it's only been 48 hrs!!!
How will I survive the next twelve days!?!?!?
On Sunday for instance, I put John on time out in his room for ruining the living room... and he climbed on top of my ironing board which I keep behind their door and broke it...
Then yesterday I put him in his room again for hitting Cody, lying to me and being sassy and he emptied his entire closet of freshly ironed clothes (each one by hand!) on the floor...

But don't think John is the only one misbehaving! Cody was on time out or had his Xbox priviledges taken away just as much as John... plus they have been waking up at the crack of dawn...and I've got tonsilitis (John gave it to me.. oh Joy!). But I am better now except the horrible runny nose, the antibiotics kicked in and today I am fairly ok.. except I need to sleep for about 2 months to feel rested ;)

I apologize in advance if I am slow replying to e-mails this week. I will do my best stealing moments on the PC but between me wanting to follow the Greek Orthodox traditions on each day of this week and the boys out of school, honestly I might not get a lot done. So please do not worry if you don't hear from me :)

A little birdie tells me though, I might have something special to show you next week... ;) and I am very excited and can't wait!!!

Happy Easter to all of you who haven't celebrated it yet... and Happy Easter belatedly to those who have!!!


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