Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Great Thursday

Well at least that is the translation in English... I guess you can call it Good Thursday too... in Greek Orthodox tradition, we have a "Grand/Great/Good" day all week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Today, we went to the farmers market and got white eggs... Which I am hard boiling right now, while I write this short post.I successfully resisted the urge to buy a duckling at the market... I am sure Beau would make him breakfast!

After the eggs are boiled, the boys and I will color them...
Then this afternoon we will attend church and pay our respects to Jesus on the cross, with a flowery wreath.
The bells will sound sad as they remove (the wooden) Jesus from the cross and tomorrow they will decorate his final resting place with the flowers from the wreaths... and we will pay our respects tomorrow. Then in the evening, we will walk around burning yellow candles (mourning candles) after what I guess I can only describe as Jesus' coffin... This year I will take Cody with me. I don't think that a) I can trust John with a burning candle and b) it will be past his bedtime and c) the sensory overload will drive him bananas.

What are you doing today?


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