Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Babies for Sale!! Super low prices!

I have finally started setting up my studio in the new apartment. Looks like I will continue sleeping on the couch lol :) But it's ok. I would rather sculpt than sleep ;)

I have some super deals for you today. Two sets of babies for sale in amazingly low prices!!
Baby Boy, OOAK, 2013, full arms and 3/4 legs, painted light brown hair, polymer clay. About 8" tall, cloth body filled with glass micro-beads, very cuddly. Comes in outfit shown (plus a matching hat not shown).

Baby girl, polymer clay OOAK, 2013, non-jointed, anatomically correct, painted brown hair. Comes in flower as shown, about 5" tall.

Baby Girl, 2013, polymer clay OOAK, about 5" tall, 5 way jointed (head, shoulders, hips), anatomically correct girl, painted light brown hair. Comes dressed in cloth diaper and dress as shown.

Kittaby, polymer clay OOAK, end of 2012, 5" tall, non jointed, anatomically correct boy. Rabbit fur hair and back side pelt, tiny tail. Kittabies are half-babies, half-kittens so he is a fantasy creature. About 5" tall.

Resin baby boy, cloth body, dark brown mohair (glued on). Comes dressed as shown. 6" tall.

And now, for the amazing prices!!!
Babies are sold as shown, I cannot separate them but for that price, you are getting an awesome deal.
Jointed baby girl, one piece baby girl and Kittaby for 320 Euros shipped (tracking included).

And, resin baby plus 8" OOAK, fully dressed for 230 Euros shipped!!



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