Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vinyl Dolls for sale

One good thing about cleaning out your house and moving is you find things ;)

I've had these in storage for the last, oh, ten years or so? I will not do anything with them, so here you go. Some are very hard to find. I am sure you talented girls you can do something with them.

** They are all sold AS IS. Some just need cleaning, some had things like, eyes changed or wigs changed or blushed. So, they are sold as is, in need of TLC **

(click pics to enlarge)

Lee Middleton Heads. From top left the first one is Baby Boo (69/1000 if I am not mistaken), then there is a bigger Reva one, a Sherry Housley one, a sleeping Reva, another Helland, I think the twin of Baby Boo (28 of 1500). Bottom row, I think this was once Lions, Tigers and Bears. Another bigger/older Helland and a Reva one. The last Reva in the bottom line has had his eyes changed and I cut the head to do it, but it has been reglued, will be totally be hidden with a wig.
Boo, Reva girl, Housley girl

Housley girl, Reva sleeper, Helland baby
Another Reva sleeper, Helland older baby girl, Reva baby
Cathariena Tennusen Lillian for Zapf. I had removed her wig and glued on some mohair. You can see some of the mohair still stuck to her head but can be sanded off easily.
I don't know how but Lillian got these marks on both her legs and arms. I have NOT tried to removed them, don't know what they are, don't know IF they can be removed (make her an A/A baby if not?). Her head does not have any marks from what I can see. Sold as is!
Three Spanish Berenguer heads. One is Asian, nose opened, a tuff of hair rooted at the front, I have kept the neck as you can see so it can go to a cloth body.
Cititoy baby about 15" long? Eyes have been changed, the eye missing is actually IN the head. Needs a good cleaning.
Apple Valley Joanna, makes a LARGE baby :)
This is a Fayzan Spanos "Ships Ahoy". She makes a 30" toddler if I remember correctly. Except she is missing her wig and lashes, there is nothing wrong with her as far as I can see, other than needing a good wash.
Two sets of Reva limbs for Lee Middleton, one set of arms, Baby Boo's arms and legs cut down because they were at a weird angle and I wanted to use a cloth body with a skeleton for posability. Can still be attached to cloth body if you drill holes around them (see photo below) and sew them on. I have done it many times. Like this :
Apple Valley limbs, Reva Chubby limbs and cut down (and holes drilled already) legs and ONE arm of bigger Reva baby.
Reva chubby arm has this mark on it, not sure what it is, have not tried to clean it. The other limbs are fine, just need cleaning.
Reva newer limbs, nothing wrong with them.
I am asking for everything, sold as a package deal, $600 SHIPPED (very big heavy box).
You get:
11 Heads
4 full dolls (two of which are hard to find and limited edition, albeit in need of TLC)
7 full sets of limbs
and some parts :)
Now on eBay!! Reserve is $500


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