Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Ultimate Polymer Clay Repair Guide

(This is a scheduled post, I will be visiting my aunt until Monday morning, so if you want to buy this guide, I won't be able to e-mail you until then)
It has happened to all of us: you've spent hours, days, even weeks sculpting that perfect little baby and it comes out of the oven cracked to bits!! All your hard work, gone!!
Or, you sell an OOAK and you get an e-mail from the customer that it arrived broken.
For me, repairing a polymer clay sculpt is an important skill. I do not like throwing away anything I have sculpted so if I can modify it or completely restore it, I am happy!!
With this downloadable guide you too will be able to repair your sculpts made from plastic based polymer clay (i.e. Prosculpt or Living Doll - not Cernit or Modelene, sorry), and salvage your hard work!!
This guide includes a mini ear tutorial, feature modification (in this case, the nose) and c-crack (moonie) correction.
You will receive your copy via e-mail within 48 hrs of completing check out (I will be away until Monday the 29th)


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