Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cwaaaazy week

Oh wow!! I think I had one of the craziest weeks yet!!
Let me see: my dad was rushed to hospital and the next day he had an operation to remove a (huge) stone from his ureter that was causing him a ton of pain and other issues.
It went well except they found growths in his bladder. If you recall my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia back in September... so now we are waiting to hear back on the results (please pray they are benign!).

In recovery, my dad had a few complications so he ended up staying the entire week... My dad and mom are divorced and I am the only daughter so guess who stayed with dad (not that I minded, mind you)... well while in the hospital and inspite my almost OC hand sanitizing, *I* picked up a stomach bug... That and a migraine are the worse things you can do to me!!
Today I feel a little better, thank God ...

And because you know, this was a cake and it needed a cherry, yesterday we had the "magnet incident".
As a doll maker I stock a lot of magnets... I let the kids play with them, because you know, they ARE fun and educational. Of course when I do let them play I am right THERE because I am terrified of them swallowing them..

A few years ago I read on the parenting board, about this kid who swallowed two magnets from this magnetic toy, and they traveled down his GI tract and then pinched his intestines together and he almost died before his parents took him to the hospital (days later).

So guess what my 4+ little boy did with the magnets... I turned my eyes for a second to John and out of the corner of my eye, I see Cody putting the magnets in his mouth... and then trying to spit them out..
OMGosh, I thought I would have a stroke..
I asked him if he had swallowed a magnet and he said yes!!
I rushed to the fridge to get the vomit-inducing medication only to see that it had expired last month! And there are no pharmacies open on Saturdays in Greece!! (it's not like in the UK and US where you can go to the super market to get OTC medications - all medicines are sold in specialized pharmacies that only work 5 days a week).
So we had to look through to find an on duty one... so we go there and I get the Ipecavom and make Cody drink it..
The other option was to take him to the ER, but I was too scared he would catch something and the hours long wait etc etc.

Sure enough the Ipecavom did its job and Cody threw up eventually. No magnet and of course I found the magnet on the couch in the folds of the cover but only after I had made my 4 year old throw up his breakfast.
That wasn't the worst thing though... my husband was furious because you know, it was my fault. He really hates my doll sculpting supplies at home, he really does. He likes the money it brings but he thinks our kids will be harmed one day.. I never leave my stuff lying around and especially the magnets, I keep in a safe place. I only had them out because I was putting one in a doll.
So my husband got my son to be in hysterics, terrified out of his mind that someone was going to cut his belly open to get the magnet, while shooting mean glances my way.. it wasn't pretty and it was hrs before I managed to calm everyone down...
Which in turn gave me a migraine... so then I had both a stomach bug and a migraine. Can you blame me for being a zombie yesterday?

Thankfully I am a little better today...


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