Saturday, March 20, 2010

Normal vs. Tina

Ok, so I was an oddball all my life... which is not really a bad thing really.
I am sociable, friendly, loyal... I am also quite disorganized lol.
About a year ago, while my boys were getting their diagnoses revised based on the progress they had made, I got tested too because some things run in a family... and I am a classic case of ADHD myself... except I was never formally diagnosed as a child like my boys were. I was just labeled "trouble maker" and downright "odd" and I was left to my own devises.
There was a lot of eye rolling and "tsks" when I was growing up... and my name being prounounced drawn out like "Oh Tinaaaaa" (accompanied by eye rolling and usually followed by "not again").

There was ONE thing that kept me in one place longer than 5 minutes... ONE thing I would give heart and soul and would focus me for HOURS upon HOURS at a time... sculpting (or creating in general, because I used to draw too when I was younger and also construct things... like a tree house... at age 10... all alone)

I grew up an oddball but you know what? I didn't mind. I wasn't shy, but I wasn't a punk either. At age 15 my favorite pastime was a bag of poppy seeds and a good book.
Or playing tabletop RPG...

I am still an oddball. I do something that raises eyebrows... I possibly one of the very few women (VERY few) that get excited about a $3 wooden storage unit that will fit my new mini baby room JUST right... I don't care about jewelry. I don't get expensive clothing and my vices are Starbucks coffee, cool running shoes and new shiny tools and supplies for work... and cameras... and cellphones.
I don't drink or smoke... But MAN I get all giddy at toy stores!! LOVE toy stores.
And I get goose bumps in artist shops... like today when I got JUST what I wanted and it was only $5!!!

I am an oddball... I dress in jeans and running shoes and I don't look a day over 25, really.. people don't believe I have kids (it's not common in Greece to have kids when you are under 35). And amongst all the other moms in my sons' class, I stick out like a sore thumb...
For years I struggled with my "uniqueness". My grandparents (my biggest fans) told me being "unique" is super... all the nasty comments was pure green eyed jealousy... but I still cried because I thought they were just being nice...
But you know what? I love being Tina... oddballness and all.
I stick out, sure... I am different... some say I am not even exactly "normal"... and you know what?
WHO CARES?! I love being me :)

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