Sunday, March 14, 2010

John & Cody Monthly

Dear John,

You are now 4 years and 4 months old. You have grown by 1/2 an inch this month and you began the month by losing some weight because you were sick. However, later on you decided food is good and you started eating again and now you have gained a pound!! :)

You were so weak, you couldn't even speak above a whisper but you are getting your voice back finally :)
This month you decided to be obsessed with all things space and alien!! lol
We celebrated your dad's birthday and your grandpa's birthday was the next day!!
We got him a strawberry cake and you ate all the strawberries!!
You started back on the swim team this month and you LOVE it with a passion. Maybe because the pool is heated this time around lol. We only had one blue lips episode and it lasted a few hours so I call it progress :) If you put more fat on your bones, you will maintain heat better and I promise you, you will drop a few layers of clothing and you will move easier.
This month you managed to skip for the first time and now you are skipping everywhere!
It's been a good month :)

Cody you are getting taller and taller each month!!
You've had pretty severe dental issues this month which haven't been all corrected yet. On top of everything you seem to have caught my stomach bug and you are feeling pretty bad today :(

You are doing great in school and in swim class and you are impressing everyone with your love for water. There is talk about the junior water polo team wanting you even thought you are 18 months too young... because you are so tall though, they would make an exception should you wish to take part. It's your choice :)

Today marks a very important date: it's your five year birthday ... five years ago to the day you were conceived and started your life in my womb. Although legally, you wouldn't be considered "alive" for another 34 weeks, I believe life starts at conception so there you have it.

You both got a haircut a few days ago, finally... if your hair got a little longer, you might have joined the Beattles!!

Here are a few pictures of you from today (before Cody started feeling yucky):
(taken with my cell phone - click to enlarge)


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