Saturday, March 06, 2010

News and cute baby :)

Hi everyone!!
another busy week at the Kewy household lol.
First thank you for praying about my brother. The graft seems to be taking and even though it will take a long long time, eventually his finger will heal completely!! So thank you about that!

On other news, YES I am going to the Discover Dolls show in June. I will be exhibiting for 2 days, I will be doing a one day "Make a mini baby" course during which the students will complete, bake, color and clothe and go home with their very own mini baby!! I have spots left so mail me for info!!

I will be showing you my two new resins at the Show and have some for sale. Remember I will NOT be taking any more pre-orders because I really want to stay afloat here and not make people wait so this will be your only chance to buy direct and on the spot. I take PayPal on the spot too :)

I will also have life size OOAKs for sale and remember there is a decent discount when you buy from me at a show, cash so it's win win :) No waiting on the post office and a discount... cool huh?

Now this little baby is still looking for a home and is becoming depressed poor thing :(
She is $260 shipped... 6" tall. Mommy, mommy where are you?? (click to enlarge)


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