Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Claire

Announcing the birth of Baby Claire, in Athens Midwest Maternity.
Claire was born at 38wks, measuring 12 1/2", and weighting 1lbs 2oz.
This in miniature term is the equivalent of a healthy 7lbs 20" baby :)

Claire is my first big multi jointed baby girl, jointed at the head, torso, shoulders and hips.
Please not that in her pics below I haven't yet painted her body or limbs :)
She will be heading on eBay I think in the following days. I have to still make her a few outfits. I did finish a gown with matching booties and a hat today. My very first design ever! And holly cow it worked. I took apart one of my boys' newborn gowns and made out a pattern. Amazing thing is, IT WORKED :)
And its not half bad either!

Enjoy Claire's pics!!
Claire's first pic
Claire has hand painted hair
She is a multi jointed full sculpt
I really love this little girl


Michele said...

Hi Tina! Claire is wonderful!!! You always seem to amaze me! And I must admit it's thrilling to see your work. I love the little videos you produced as well, bravo. That was just brillant in my eyes! You were able to convey to the buyers what they are getting. BOL with the end of your
auction on eBay.
When you get a moment would you kindly email me at

amviolene said...

Hi tina

Your baby claire is wonderfull, do you make an other baby like claire, and do you send it in ebay?

amviolene from france

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