Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"The Real Infant" by Tina Kewy

Sometimes you sculpt a doll that really touches your soul but maybe you can't really understand why. It might not be your best work even!
Well, recently it happened with me. I sculpted one mini baby I am in love with (and will be very difficult to part with) and a preemie baby boy I adore.

This post is about the preemie boy, Julian Earl Kewy. He is my "Real Infant"... he is a 34 week preemie, with the very characteristic preemie look, all the extra skin he still hasn't grown into, froggy eyes, not much cheek, lots of rolls of skin and wrinkles. Perfectly proportioned, very delicate ears, tiny nose and rosebud lips.

I am unsure of his fate. If I offer him to a company I need to pick carefully. I want him made in the "good stuff" (good quality thick vinyl), in the right color, fairly soon and with good attention to detail.
If I decide to produce him myself, I take the risk of paying a good amount of money and nobody, or few, buying. Plus he will be made in resin this time as I 've always wanted to try it!

No pictures of Julian as of yet. He is still uncolored. My order of Genesis paints just came in. Yes I was without paints the whole time... Cody dropped my jar of red acrylic (my main color) and the hobby store was out of Mameri! The only thing they had was the French stuff that turns orange on the clay a few days after you color it!! Grrrr!
So I decided to get some Genesis... I painted Lucy as a test run with them, she turned out great... I hope to paint Julian tomorrow... or when I get a breather anyway :)

Stay tuned for pics!!


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