Monday, September 10, 2007

Imperial Child

This little baby's face was started some time in the beginning of summer and I worked on it for a few days, then left it alone on top of my work bench.
It sat there, looking at me... well not really looking at me, because it was still a sleeping baby with fat cheeks at the time, but you know what I mean..
Last night I don't know what got over me and I started working on it again. It turned from a sleeping, chubby European kid to a barely awake, Japanese newborn... still chubby :)
I am still looking for a name with the help of my Japanese friend Rieko, but for now, he is "Imperial Child" all wrapped up in red imperial silk, complete with a 5 talon dragon.

Here he is:
Imperial Child

He is about 13" long with a 11" head circumference and fits into micro preemie clothing fine.
These are not his limbs though... I hope to make his real limbs soon. Last night was a break from orders... tonight I am back to finishing the two larger babies I have been working on.

Thanks for looking


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