Sunday, September 16, 2007

Newborn Baby Girl

I am out of clay!!
That's a terrible thing to happen to any artist, to run out of material that is... and I am out of clay!
So, I rushed to place an order except I got a message back, that my supplier is on vacation until the 18th :(
Well, ok, at least its only a couple of days away, right?
She had told me before she left but did I remember? Nooooo... My brain is like Swiss cheese these days; can't remember a thing!!
I mean... literally can't remember a thing. I forgot to cook lunch for the boys today. Thankfully I am pretty quick to make Mac and Cheese (the homemade kind not the boxed kind) and so catastrophe was averted :)

Any way... I am out of clay. There was a little head sitting on my work bench (lie, there are LOTS of half finished heads sitting on my work bench) looking at me with her half open eye (she was missing her other one at the time) kind of forlornly. Next to her was the package of clay I had used for her.
Aha! So you HAVE clay you might say... well... kind of.

You see you can't mix and match packages unless you have mixed them together *before* you started. Its a common occurrence for variations in the clay color to appear between packages. So you might have a half done face and then open a new pack of clay to finish it and you end up with a face that is dual colored; one part is lighter than the other.

So for every head I start, I use a fresh pack and I keep that pack next to the head or I put a post it on it to know which head goes with which pack.

So this little one was sitting there, with her half finished face and her half finished pack of clay... and I was working on a bigger ordered baby.. and I was stuck.
You see for a baby to be *truly* good I must feel it. Its a feeling that comes and goes... yes I take longer that way but most of the babies I made, that are considered "my best work" I felt it.. and I took forever to complete.
So because I really want to give this lady a wonderful piece of art, I put the baby aside for a bit and decided to work on the little girl's head. Especially since I was now out of clay for the big head. Problem? Not really because I am only missing the back of the head and neck ring so even if the clay is another color when it comes, it won't show at all.. Well, I still have to tweak the face a little bit but if I need to add clay I can always steal some from under the chin or something...

So anyway, off I go, working on my derelict little head and before I know it (actually it was about 5 hours later) she had two eyes, chubby cheeks and was ready to be baked.
So I baked her, then colored her and boom! It was a girl (all the while I thought I had another boy).

With this and that its now 2:20 am. I didn't sleep much last night and I guess I won't sleep much tonight either.
I will be up with the boys in a few hours since George is on duty today.
Its also Election day over here so I will be out much of the day voting and then having lunch with family.

But my perfect little girl she is so cute! I must think of a name :)
Any suggestions? I will post pics when I have a minute!


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