Monday, September 03, 2007

Baby Lucy

I had a great time creating Baby Lucy. Lately I have been feeling very burned out and frustrated with my cracking clay problems. It seems the only thing I could sculpt reliably with the "old" clay were mini babies.
But I feel much better after receiving my new order of clay on Friday. I finally got the new and improved clay that does not crack while being baked so I can now finish a few larger babies orders I had on hold. Thankfully the expectant mothers were very patient :)

So I made baby Lucy; a multi jointed, pose able little girl. She is the first of her kind for me, I mean with this kind of jointing system but I am very happy about her :)
She is a little older than most of my babies at 3 months old but cute as a button.

Click here for Lucy's Auction (and more pics!!)

Have a great day everyone!


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