Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Close to my Heart

After a few weeks of our internet going wacky, we applied for a new provider.
Now, get this... since the day we applied (the old provider doesn't know yet) for a new one, 3 days ago, our internet has been for the most part steady. At least while I am in front of the PC it is stable and I think my e-mails get through but please mail me if you haven't heard from me in case I didn't receive it!!!
We are still switching Vivodi, don't try to impress us.. too late!! Besides our speed used to be 18mbps and it dropped to 7.5mbps but we still pay the $65 a month for it. The new provider guarantees 18mbps as the minimum and they are cheaper too!!

I can now show you another resin Close to my Heart (any shine you see is because of the flash). This one is Caucasian with painted hair. Love how this one turned out!!


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