Monday, April 13, 2009

Signing off for the week!!!

For us Greek Orthodox, Easter falls next Sunday.. this means it's Easter week for us here.
This Wednesday my son will have surgery so I am taking the entire week until the 21st, off.
Depending on how he handles recovery, I might or might not be able to answer e-mails.
You might not hear from me for a week... please do not be alarmed and upset, I will not be ignoring you, I will just be spending time with him and family for Easter.

If you have paid, seen pics and approved a doll, it has been shipped. Anything I haven't finished yet, it will be done next week promptly.
I will try to update on Twitter (see left hand side for Twitterings) on how my boy is.
Please say a quick prayer for a smooth surgery and quick recovery.

If you want to call me, please send me an SMS (text message on my mobile/cell) first because he might be sleeping and/or in pain and the phone ringing always wakes him up.
Yeah, it's not a big surgery but I have the WHINIEST kid in the world...he is also velcroed to me on his GOOD days so I can't imagine how he will be if he is in pain/uncomfortable!!
So yeah...wish us luck!!


Rieko said...

Dear Tina!
I am Rieko.
Do you remember it? I have Bao-Z. I wanted to contact it all the time.
I lost e-mail address! Please teach it.
Is the disease of the child of Tina all right?
Improve early.

OOAK babies by Mina said...

I hope your little boy's surgery went well and he is not TOO clingy lol.
Happy Easter!

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