Friday, April 03, 2009

Less than two months, yikes!

I just realized I have less than two months for the Discover Dolls International Doll Show on June 7th in the UK!!
There is just so much planning involved with a doll show, it makes my head spin at times.
Let me give you an example:
I have to sculpt and put aside several dolls to sell at the show (can't show up empty handed ;0) )when at the same time I need to sculpt several dolls to sell *now* so I can keep up with the house expenses of daily life...
Which means that I need to work day and night which is impossible because I have two little boys, therapies, swim therapies, mommy time, grocery shopping and of course the occasional unexpected thing like the passing of my aunt early this week :(
Because she has no children of her own and because we were so close, we had to arrange (and pay for) the funeral and because she lived in a rented apartment, we have to spend the whole of the next week taking down an entire household ... I am heart broken for my aunt and I will really miss her but I know that she is in fact in a better place. I have come up with a great tribute for her, that will make her known in many places all over the world but I can't tell you about it ... yet ;)

On another note I am happy to return to sculpting as I am almost finished my latest resin edition. I have several small babies' heads lying around needing limbs, maybe I can save some of those for the show although some date back to last year lol :)

Lian Li has stolen my heart .. he has been staying with me since last year and I just can't let him go.. so I will reproduce him in resin.
If you would like to meet my 8 inch baby of sunshine, visit us at the Peterborough Discover Dolls Show on June 7th. You can see the OOAK baby and if you want, place a pre-order for him with a small deposit.
I will make a separate post with Lian Li's photo shoot next week when I am finished with my current obligations.

For those who have asked, yes I will have several OOAKs and resins for sale at the Show, all sizes and most importantly ALL prices. From bargains to more expensive dolls. Layaway CAN be arranged with a deposit at the show, so come forth and ask me if you like something even if you feel like you can't afford it, I am easy with payments :)

Starting next week, I will sculpt and post my OOAKs for the show so you will know if you like something in advance.
Remember, show prices are lower than my usual prices so take advantage of the special discount!!

Of course I will hold my sculpting class, but this year with a twist... See my other post about the three class variations and sign up!!

Lastly, I know Easter is in 10 for most of the world so Happy Easter my friends (our Easter falls on the 17th this year)

And please, keep my 3 year old son, Cody in your prayers as he will undergo surgery on the 14th April. I need you to specifically pray that he does not get sick until then and that the surgery goes without a hitch and that he recovers really quickly from it. I know the surgery is in his best interests but you know us moms... we worry :)


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