Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Resins

Now that that Discover Dolls magazine is out, I suppose I can spill the beans that I have 3 (yes THREE) new life size resins coming and wait for it, wait for it.... one of them is awake. *shock*
Yes, I DID sculpt AND produce an awake newborn... honest to goodness wide awake.
And yes I still like the sleepers better ;) which is why the other two are sleeping. One peacefully, one frowning in her sleep...
So here is a little info on them, because many have mailed me to say you love them:

Small Miracles, the awake and asleep identical twin girls (well as identical as I could get them!!), each is a full 20" tall, the same size as Little Wonder but chunkier. The awake baby is actually a little bigger and can be done by request to the size of an 8 week old if you desire.
The babies have 3/4 limbs AND there is a choice between chubby arms or slim arms. The chubby arms fit the awake head better especially if you want her done as an 8 week old (22-23").
You can chose between six skin tones and there is a choice of eye colors AND quality of eyeballs. You can upgrade to prosthetic crystal eyes for a little bit extra.
This baby comes with a belly plate and is a limited edition of 18 dolls plus APs for each face.
I will have these available to view, cuddle, buy or pre-order at the Discover Dolls show in June in the UK so drop by for a cuddle :)

"Alice" is the DD magazine exclusive show baby.
She was named after my aunt Alice, who passed on last month and is my tribute baby to her. I finished "Alice" around the time my aunt died (and I found out the next morning as I was taking Alice's head out of the oven!!).
Alice was a "throw head"... I started to sculpt "a" baby some time around Christmas.
I couldn't get the face right so I took the eyes out (it was supposed to be an awake baby) but after a few more days of work it still wasn't "speaking" to me so I put the eyes back in... still nothing. Then I changed the face to a crying expression... nope.
It was now February and the face remained wrapped in cling film and was starting to break. So on the Sunday, a few hrs before my aunt passed, a rare thing happened.
My husband, George, told me he was taking the boys out for a few hours and I was left alone in the house...something VERY rare.
I took the face off the shelf thinking I Could use the clay for something else before it turned rock hard, but a few hours later I found myself finishing a head with it.
The face had morphed into frowning little newborn Alice. It was as if I woke up from a daze. One moment I was thinking about salvaging the clay, the next I was hold a whole HEAD. Everything just fell into place...
When I baked the head that very same night, my aunt was passing away... I got the call as I was taking the head out of the oven the following morning and as I looked at the face I "heard" her voice... this baby's name was Alice.

My aunt Alice was the nicest person you could ever meet. Each and every one of you would have LOVED her. She was vivacious, funny, silly, strong... and she had the most peculiar eye color I had ever seen...a true honest to goodness turquoise!!
But like my aunt at 86 years old, "Alice" was broken... I didn't see the cracks at the back of her head until the next day.
It was then decided that a face as cute as this should be reproduced and the fact my clay, left too long outside, cracked so badly during the baking process, only helped give me a push in the right direction which was to pack Alice and send her for resin reproduction.

Alice will be an extremely small edition of only 10 dolls plus APs (one of which of course will live with me). You will still get the 6 skin tone choices with Alice and there is optional belly plate for you. She is newborn size at a full 20" (like Little Wonder). She will also make an appearance at the show in the UK so come in for a cuddle!!


Now, to avoid waiting periods, to avoid frustration etc, I will NOT be taking pre-orders like last time.
My schedule, my whole life right now is wacky and unpredictable. I laying my cards on the table here. I don't want to disappoint, I don't want to make promises I can't keep and I don't want to make excuses.
I am not exactly sure how I will play it, of course I want to sell the dolls... I might put one on eBay every week or something, we will see. But I really want to avoid issues I had last time and keep everyone happy ... for now I am taking it one day at a time and concentrating at the show, fast approaching.
Hopefully by the time you visit me at Peterborough I will have a concrete plan lol :)
I can't wait to hear what you think of my new cuties so DO visit us at the show to say hi...maybe your dream baby will be waiting for you there, you never know ;)


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