Friday, February 12, 2010

Apparently blog prayers don't work!

Well it seems like blog praying doesn't work.
Let's see... Yesterday John felt a little warm in the morning so I only took Cody to school.
Having a child around is very distracting and I couldn't get much work done. At least when I have both around, they entertain each other (a perk of twins!)... Or at least I wouldn't have done anything IF I could actually DO something.
Let me explain... You see I have chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. It's a combination of 17 years of computer typing, sculpting and bad posture while doing said activities.

In general I have it well managed but it does flare up from time to time... Like the night before last, I went to bed and I could feel my middle finger in my right hand burning. I couldn't make a fist without significant pain either and it was shooting up towards my elbow as well. If you have *chronic* CTS it becomes very painful. I waaaay past the numbness and tingling sensation, I go straight to Holly-Mother-Of-Christ shooting pain that keeps me up all night.

So, I took a couple of anti-inflamatory pills, wore my night splint and managed to sleep. The next day I was still sore, so I wore my day time splint, took my pills and went about my activities... I did everything from driving to taking care of the boys but I couldn't sculpt as my right hand lacked all strength.
This morning I am better BUT now my tonsils are so enlarged, I couldn't swallow. I had visions of tonsilectomy and ripping them out lol...
I took a picture of the fistfull of pills I now take... vitamins, don't get me wrong. I am way past exhausted and sleep deprived and my body shows me this. I can't catch a break in the sickness department but I am hoping the pills (vitamins) will work... but what I REALLY need is a few good nights of quality sleep without someone waking me up every 45 minutes!!!!

BTW John is on the mend and after I didn't take him to school yesterday, he miraculously got all better and jumped off the walls!!! So today off to school he went!

Oh and someone scrapped my new car with a key and I am so freaking mad! I mean who would do that?! They quoted me 70 Euros for a repair of a 5" scape, but I have to fix it because it went right down to the metal and it will rust if I don't.
Well whoever you are, HOPE YOUR CAR WHEELS FALL OFF!!!! And carrots grow out of your ears or something!! Seriously!! Why would you DO that!? What did I ever do to you???

And to distract you from my pain and misery here is a picture of a cute baby I finished (not available).


christine said...

I can understand all the ailments you have Tina, I feel for you badly. I suffered from right hand carpal tunel syndrome too and nothing worked for me to relieve the pain, it was there day and night...just my right hand though but also a righty too which does not help! Had no other choice to have the surgery done last May 8th and that surgery was very painful. I still get the pain in the incision area! I also had tonsillectomy done in '03 suffered from that for over 10 years pain and recurrent strep throat which can effect your heart and other organs in your body. It did to me, so please take care of that. I hope your able to resolve your carpal tunnel syndrome as well. You poor thing! Your new little peanut is so cute...Take care Tina


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